[ maws-bak-er, mos- ]


  1. Emil, Jr. Bus, 1922–1997, U.S. yacht racer and government official.

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Example Sentences

Programs do their best to cater to the specific needs of their particular communities, which is why you might find lots of information related to fish and game in Alaska or, as Mosbacher can attest to, preserving in the produce haven of California.

Those in Mosbacher’s program, for example, must undergo 18 weeks of class and hands-on training.

Many extension employees and volunteers are avid cooks who like to test and swap recipes, Mosbacher says.

As Mosbacher tells it, many of her fellow mega-donors are vowing to sit on their wallets until something changes.

As far as Mosbacher is concerned, however, the damage was done.

Best not to ask GOP fundraising legend Georgette Mosbacher about the state of her beloved party unless you want an earful.

Among them Mica Mosbacher, who is now a regent at the University of Houston.

As for Mosbacher, she was approached several years back by Mrs. Perry about doing work with TAASA.