[ mohz-bee ]


  1. John Sin·gle·ton [sing, -g, uh, l-t, uh, n], 1833–1916, Confederate cavalry colonel.

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Example Sentences

Coupled with all the other problems above, Mosby found it impossible to land a conviction.

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The question in trial often came down to whether the officers were acting unreasonably, which was simply too hard for Mosby to prove.

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Kobi Little, head of the Baltimore NAACP, said Mosby had been “responsive to the community’s needs and to calls for equity.”

Mosby said there were 80 percent fewer arrests for drug possession in Baltimore in the past year.

Last fall, she reached out to Mosby’s office after hearing of the new policy, and records show it quickly dismissed her case.

Ted Mosby is essentially the Katherine Heigl character of this nine-year long romantic comedy.

In 1992, country singer Jonie Mosby Mitchell became the first woman to give birth to a child after menopause.

Finally, however, General Stuart gave Mosby a detail of nine men from the regular cavalry with which to experiment.

These people received Mosby's men into their houses as their guests, and neither danger nor want could tempt their betrayal.

I heard an old citizen remark, "For two years Mosby was our ruler, and the country never was better governed."

No matter how vigilant the Federals were, Mosby was sure to find an opportunity for attacking.

He could easily muster fifty of these, known as "Mosby's Conglomerates," for any expedition.