see put in mothballs.

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How to use mothballs in a sentence

  • We rented the house, put our belongings in mothballs, and left on February 20.

    Life After AIPAC's False Dichotomies | Angela Zimmann | September 4, 2013 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • No more, no more will robins nest within their lilac shade, for they are folded now and pressed, and with the mothballs laid.

  • The house was over-warm, and there was a musty smell of over-aged furniture, old leather, and the pungence of mothballs.

    The Fourth R | George Oliver Smith
  • He smelled faintly of mothballs and looked very respectable.

    Sugar Plum | Reginald Bretnor
  • Couldn't you fix hit up in terbaccy er mothballs ag'in' de time I need hit?