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Mother Nature


  1. a personification of the forces of nature as a controlling and regulating maternal being, sometimes creative and caring.

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Example Sentences

Today, Lail sees Napa Valley threatened not by microscopic insects or behemoth corporations, but by Mother Nature herself.

That sense of detachment from the caprices of Mother Nature is pretty unique in human history.

The absurdity of North Korea now extends to its futile attempt to anticipate the whims of Mother Nature.

In the past, movie survivalists typically had to contend with some sort of unseen force: Mother Nature, cruel fate, whatever.

In effect, they try to give the house the solid sub-foundation that Mother Nature failed to provide.

Being at the whim of Mother Nature, there were, of course, a few disasters.

And so the three happy children decided that the really true fairy stories of Mother Nature were the prettiest of all.

The open air, that kind soothing balm which gentle mother Nature offers to us all in our seasons of depression, relieved her.

Poor Mother Nature, she was just the same, but her child was out of gear and she could do nothing but wait.

The poppy is our best-known wild flower, planted by Mother Nature before white men ever visited these shores.

I know a certain poet, who happens to have been well-endowed with physical graces by our mother nature.





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