[ muhth-er-ing ]
/ ˈmʌð ər ɪŋ /


the nurturing of an infant or small child by its mother.
(in rural England) the custom of visiting one's parents on Laetare Sunday with a present.

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Origin of mothering

First recorded in 1640–50; mother1 + -ing1

Origin of mother

before 900; Middle English mother, moder, Old English mōdor; cognate with Dutch moeder, German Mutter, Old Norse mōthir, Latin māter, Greek mḗtēr, Sanskrit mātar-. As in father, th was substituted for d, possibly on the model of brother

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British Dictionary definitions for mothering


/ (ˈmʌðə) /


verb (tr)

to give birth to or produce
to nurture, protect, etc as a mother
Related formsRelated adjective: maternal

Derived Formsmothering, noun

Word Origin for mother

Old English mōdor; compare Old Saxon mōdar, Old High German muotar, Latin māter, Greek mētēr


/ (ˈmʌðə) /


a stringy slime containing various bacteria that forms on the surface of liquids undergoing acetous fermentation. It can be added to wine, cider, etc to promote vinegar formationAlso called: mother of vinegar
Derived Formsmothery, adjective

Word Origin for mother

C16: perhaps from mother 1, but compare Spanish madre scum, Dutch modder dregs, Middle Low German modder decaying object, mudde sludge

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Medicine definitions for mothering


[ mŭðər ]


A woman who conceives, gives birth to, or raises and nurtures a child.
A female parent of an animal.
A structure, such as a mother cell, from which other similar bodies are formed.

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In addition to the idiom beginning with mother

  • mother of

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  • necessity is the mother of invention
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