motion picture

[ moh-shuhn pik-cher ]
/ ˈmoʊ ʃən ˈpɪk tʃər /
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  1. a sequence of consecutive still images photographed in a series by a specially designed camera (motion-picture camera ) and thrown on a screen by a projector (motion-picture projector ) in such rapid succession as to give the illusion of natural movement: Jean Cocteau produced some of the most innovative motion pictures of the postwar era.
  2. such a video sequence recorded and played in other media formats, as VHS or digital video: Critics have given mixed reviews to the new trend of feature-length motion pictures shot on smartphones.
a story, event, or the like, presented in this form: The motion picture is adapted from the novel of the same name.
motion pictures, the art, technique, or business of producing motion pictures: The Academy honors achievement in motion pictures every year at the Oscars.
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Also called film, movie, mov·ing pic·ture [moo-ving pik-cher]. /ˈmu vɪŋ ˈpɪk tʃər/.

Origin of motion picture

First recorded in 1890–95

OTHER WORDS FROM motion picture

mo·tion-pic·ture, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for motion picture

motion picture

US and Canadian
  1. a sequence of images of moving objects photographed by a camera and providing the optical illusion of continuous movement when projected onto a screen
  2. a form of entertainment, information, etc, composed of such a sequence of images and shown in a cinema, etc
Also called: film
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