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[ moh-tuh-vey-ter ]


  1. a person or thing that gives people an incentive or reason for acting:

    He's a great teacher and coach—a master motivator both in the classroom and on the basketball court.

    Money is important, but often it isn't the primary motivator when a candidate accepts a job offer.

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  • de·mo·ti·va·tor noun

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Example Sentences

That was a lot of work on motivating and understanding kids.

The acquisition was likely motivated by several factors, among them the need to get bigger to better compete with market leader Foursquare.

It can be used to show tangible improvement for users and to motivate a population that can find it hard to exercise regularly.

It is hard to motivate young students who feel their future is already written for them.

From Fortune

Silver’s rally has been motivated by many of the same market factors that have driven gold prices to historic highs this year.

From Fortune

Being reminded that economic and social conditions are not improving at the pace one expected can be a powerful motivator.

The thing is, surprise is still a huge motivator for readers.

And new evidence shows the cause is a turnout motivator for Democratic base voters.

I meant the age-old motivator, fear—stoking fear in their base of what a Republican Senate would look like.

The unique 2008 election aside, fear is a much better motivator in politics than hope.

By the Universal Motivator, these predators had eaten a hurkle apiece!

The World had been excellently designed by the Universal Motivator for the development and evolution of life.


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