[ moh-toh ]


, plural mo·tos.
  1. one of the heats in a motocross.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of moto1

First recorded in 1970–75; motocross

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Example Sentences

Instead of a chain, it uses a belt drive for its single-speed drivetrain to look more like its moto siblings.

Available at Amazon Vince Camuto Moto Baseball Cap, $34 Baseball caps may be useful on the road, but they scream “tourist!”

With this cool leather moto hat from Vince Camuto, you can look fabulous and fashionable while keeping your locks in line.

The vintage-inspired collaboration will include ten moto pieces, ranging from t-shirts and pants to boots and leather jackets.

His off-track hobbies include moto-cross driving and skydiving.

Why is the city once known as hog butcher to the world now offering a bacon martini at Moto?

For the first time on our trip we had trouble with the Moto.

It has been shown that the moto-excitability is greatly influenced by temperature.

We brought away Moto, Pepeu, and the two young boys who were with me at Lifu, and very many wished to come.

He contends that whatever things are moved must be moved by that which is not moved: a movente non moto.

"The candle is lighted, bwana" replied Cazi Moto, with a slight tone of surprise.