Mount Pleasant


  1. a city in central Michigan.
  2. a town in SE South Carolina.
  3. a town in NE Texas.

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Example Sentences

La Tejana began operating just before the pandemic, and has picked up speed since then, starting with a residency at Thamee on H Street followed by their current weekly pop-ups in Adams Morgan and Mount Pleasant that will run throughout the summer.

That’s the case for Wasatch Academy in Mount Pleasant, Utah.

And in fact, I might have never been relevant to begin with—even way back in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, when we only had one damn bus.

He knew she did not lodge there; he had seen, in the books, the direction of Mrs. Arlbery at Mount Pleasant.

In their way home, one of the horses tired, and could not be made to drag the carriage up to Mount Pleasant.

When they were fastened in their places, all felt that Mount Pleasant could defy any number of assailants.

Four men had been hired to do the shearing at Canterbury, and then to come over to Mount Pleasant.

He was very frequently over at Mount Pleasant, and was generally a companion of the boys upon their excursions.





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