Mountain State


  1. Montana (used as a nickname).

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Example Sentences

All three current members of Congress from the Mountain State belong to the GOP, so at least one out of Reps.

Democrats are struggling up and down the ticket in the Rocky Mountain State.

The Green Mountain State has been ambitious in its efforts to get insurance for all.

The Mountain State notches its worst numbers in the Workforce category, where it finishes last.

Speaking of the Senate, and being from the great Mountain State, I kept an eye out for Joe Manchin's statement.

This mountain State of the Union has always appealed to the imagination and has called forth many graphic expressions.

The mountain state learns to exploit this one advantage of its ill-favored geographical location.

This typical mountain state was a league composed of three other leagues.

To the north lay the mountain State of Vermont, and to the south a ridge of bold well-wooded heights.

You see by the papers that we have been trying to do something in our Green Mountain State.





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