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[ mou-thing ]


  1. the action of speaking in a meaningless, bombastic, or hypocritical manner.
  2. an instance of this.

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Example Sentences

Jackson’s TikTok account is mainly filled with dance challenges with family and friends and posts of her mouthing commentary from popular audio.

We’ve made it four full seasons without dancing to blaring music, without swaying alongside a spellbound crowd, without exaggeratedly mouthing beer orders to friends headed for concessions.

It stars children mouthing along to the lyrics—those same lyrics we just described above.

Swift erupts, as they argue while mouthing the lyrics of the song.

As the spotlight focuses on McDonald and ultimately fades, we see hear mouthing lyrics but nothing but silence coming out.

Proves that political potty-mouthing is practically our birthright.

He was mouthing off, Sady contended, and he never said a word about any specific plot to kill Americans.

Sir Mungo, to continue the simile, had long ago learned to run cunning, and make sure of mouthing his game.

The sleepy lake sucked at the mud banks with small mouthing sounds as though it found the taste of the raw mud agreeable.

"Treachery," the young man answered, mouthing his words with enjoyment; it was for him a happy moment.

As he reached for his sword, this ceased and he heard a strange slobbering mouthing that prickled the short hairs on his scalp.

Yet as you stand there mouthing platitudes, we are preparing to make a frontal assault upon their main base at Homestead.





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