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[ mouth-pees ]


  1. a piece placed at or forming the mouth, as of a receptacle or tube.
  2. a piece or part, as of an instrument, to which the mouth is applied or which is held in the mouth:

    the mouthpiece of a trumpet.

  3. the part of a bit or bridle, as for a horse, that passes through the animal's mouth.
  4. a person, newspaper, etc., that conveys the opinions or sentiments of others; spokesperson.
  5. Slang. a lawyer, especially a criminal lawyer.


/ ˈmaʊθˌpiːs /


  1. the part of a wind instrument into which the player blows
  2. the part of a telephone receiver into which a person speaks
  3. the part of a container forming its mouth
  4. a person who acts as a spokesman, as for an organization
  5. a publication, esp a periodical, expressing the official views of an organization
  6. boxing another name for gumshield

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Word History and Origins

Origin of mouthpiece1

First recorded in 1675–85; mouth + piece

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Example Sentences

Klein also recommends an anti-snoring mouthpiece, which can help widen your airway.

While some musicians opted to stay in lockdown, others moved rehearsals and performances outside, often using makeshift bell covers or musician masks with space for a mouthpiece.

They can provide extra coverage, eliminate the mouthpiece, and encourage a relaxing swim through the sea.

In a June video on GTV, a media outlet that serves as a mouthpiece for Guo, a host summarizing a recent Guo made about Getter said that the social media platform was “the concentration of Miles’s whole life work.”

Brands have to start approaching influencers as brands, not as mouthpieces.

From Digiday

Now, a new mouthpiece may help protect players from irreversible harm.

They will learn that I am a herd-bound mouthpiece for the scientific status quo.

This clownesque mouthpiece claims to cure your saggy cheeks and tired muscles after three minutes a day of use.

In both cases, when someone answered he was to blow three times into the mouthpiece, and then hang up.

Three short breaths into the mouthpiece, and the line went dead.

Clean your tube regularly, and your amber mouthpiece with a feather dipped in spirits of lavender.

Of course, an artificial mouthpiece has to be provided for our organ-pipe, but this is called the boot.

The first and largest of these had a thick bamboo stem, an amber mouthpiece, and a tiny, disproportionate bowl of brass.

He caught up the receiver again and pressed it to his ear, leaning forward to the mouthpiece.

The tongue is irritated by a pipe that has a small bore in the mouthpiece: use a mouthpiece that has as large a bore as possible.