a piece placed at or forming the mouth, as of a receptacle or tube.
a piece or part, as of an instrument, to which the mouth is applied or which is held in the mouth: the mouthpiece of a trumpet.
the part of a bit or bridle, as for a horse, that passes through the animal's mouth.
a person, newspaper, etc., that conveys the opinions or sentiments of others; spokesperson.
Slang. a lawyer, especially a criminal lawyer.

Origin of mouthpiece

First recorded in 1675–85; mouth + piece
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spokeswoman, agent, spokesman, speaker, representative, delegate

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the part of a wind instrument into which the player blows
the part of a telephone receiver into which a person speaks
the part of a container forming its mouth
a person who acts as a spokesman, as for an organization
a publication, esp a periodical, expressing the official views of an organization
boxing another name for gumshield
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Word Origin and History for mouthpiece

also mouth-piece, 1680s, "casting fitted on an open end of a pipe, etc.," from mouth (n.) + piece (n.). Meaning "piece of a musical instrument that goes in the mouth" is from 1776. Sense of "one who speaks on behalf of others" is from 1805; in the specific sense of "lawyer" it is first found 1857.

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