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[ moov-out ]


  1. an act or instance of vacating a living or working place:

    With so many business move-outs, the local economy is suffering.

move out


  1. adverb to vacate a residence, place of business, etc, or help (someone) to do this

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Word History and Origins

Origin of move-out1

Noun use of verb phrase move out

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Example Sentences

Sylvia insisted that Ted move out and he complied, going to stay in London.

Roy: My greatest peace is at the ocean, which was part of my decision to move out of Manhattan.

The money gives you stability to move out to where you want and to audition to have these opportunities.

So I want to do something smart with the money, and then use a little bit of it to move out here to New York.

After a few weeks of work, they claim she stopped working and has also refused to move out.

So, small as his force was, only one hundred and eighty, he determined to move out and attack Porter without delay.

The troops move out once more upon the open plain, and cross the field with a cheer.

Guarez has a tug in at the pier—a steam craft that will move out, as it came in, without lights.

The face blurred, seemed to grow to monstrous size and then move out to infinite distances.

He had witnessed many such scenes before, and they had not affected him in any way except to make him move out of hearing.


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