moving coil

  1. denoting an electromechanical device in which a suspended coil is free to move in a magnetic field. A current passing through the coil causes it to move, as in loudspeakers and electrical measuring instruments, or movement of the coil gives rise to induced currents, as in microphones and some record-player pick-ups

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How to use moving coil in a sentence

  • The moving-coil type of galvanometer (see Fig. 245) consists of a large magnet fastened to the frame of the device.

    Physics | Willis Eugene Tower
  • As in other moving-coil galvanometers, a soft iron cylinder within the form concentrates the field of the magnet.

    Physics | Willis Eugene Tower
  • Fig. 246 represents a common form of moving-coil galvanometer.

    Physics | Willis Eugene Tower
  • It is usually a moving-coil galvanometer, and is always of high resistance.

    Physics | Willis Eugene Tower
  • The moving coil of the galvanometer is constructed as follows: Cut from some 1/8-in.