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[ muhk-ee ]


, muck·i·er, muck·i·est.
  1. of or like muck.
  2. filthy, dirty, or slimy.
  3. British Informal.
    1. obscene:

      a mucky story.

    2. nasty; mean or contemptible:

      a mucky trick.

    3. (of weather) oppressively humid.


/ ˈmʌkɪ /


  1. dirty
  2. of or like muck

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Derived Forms

  • ˈmuckily, adverb
  • ˈmuckiness, noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of mucky1

First recorded in 1530–40; muck + -y 1

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Example Sentences

It’s a mucky mudflat that’s surrounded by apartment complexes and the adjacent Campland RV park.

The insect likely fell into one of the ancient lakes that covered this region and sank into the soft, mucky bottom.

The terrain is mucky, and the pickings are slim; patience and boredom are a part of the hunt.

When I seen she had it figgered out I was in a quest fur some high-mucky-muck fur a dad, I didn't tell her no different.

But Grundy's covered it all up and hidden it and put mucky shades and covers over it until he's forgotten it.

Anyway, not mucky stories about a handsome stranger coming along just because a girl's car busts down.

Trees, for the orchard, should never be grown upon a mucky or peaty soil.

The air was nauseous with the dank mucky odour that cooked out of the mangrove swamp.