mud pie


a mass of mud moulded into a pie-like shape by a child
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Examples from the Web for mud pie

  • He had known Barbara since they were children and their comradeship dated back to the mud-pie days.

    Flower of the Dusk|Myrtle Reed
  • Dot had been in the mud-pie business; and, if it had proved profitable, she would no doubt have made a fortune for the family.

    The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe|Amanda Minnie Douglas
  • "Mud-pie making is hard work," he groaned, sliding stiffly onto the bench beside Roger.

    The Forbidden Trail|Honor Willsie
  • As soon as he (or she) gets a little older and is able to sit up, the period of mud-pie making begins.

    The Story of Mankind|Hendrik Van Loon