[ myoo-ler, muhl-er, mil- ]


  1. Paul, 1899–1965, Swiss chemist: Nobel Prize in medicine 1948.

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Example Sentences

This Mueller knife sharpener has a four-stage process, which minimizes the amount of metal you’re removing in each stage.

Mueller told us in the Q&A that he forwarded the messages to the Search Console team recently that showed how upset the SEO community was that the feature is not fixed yet.

Mueller’s parents were guests at the vice-presidential debate Wednesday in Utah.

It might not be in real-time or hourly or even daily but they are regularly updated and you do not have to wait, Mueller told me.

In a video in June, Mueller thanked the original student petitioners, called the movement a “human rights issue” and signaled changes would be made.

U.S. District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller could be about to start a legal revolution.

Sister Agnes Mueller, 62, was a theologian and a nurse—both practical skills in the field.

Mueller gave a wonderful acceptance speech, hymning the “complicated” female characters celebrated in the category.

Louie Mueller handed the reins of the business to his son, Bobby, in 1974, and today it is run by Bobby's son, Wayne.

King, who is portrayed—and musically inhabited—by the fantastic Jessie Mueller, was right in the middle of it.

Fries thinks Mueller had an immature Arcyria before him, Syst.

Tell Sergeant Mueller that I will be in later to make a report on him.

The endochrome in Pleurosigma, according to Mueller, consists of two bands which differ in the median part of each valve.

For a half minute there was silence, inactivity, while despite tan and dirt and perspiration the cheeks of Hans Mueller whitened.

In the distance, perhaps a quarter of a mile away, Hans Mueller was still in sight, skirting the base of a sharp incline.





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