Muhammad Ali

/ ˈælɪ; ɑːˈliː; ˈɑːlɪ /


  1. Muhammad Ali1942MUSSPORT AND GAMES: boxer original name Cassius ( Marcellus ) Clay. born 1942, US boxer, who was world heavyweight champion three times (1964–67; 1974–78; 1978)
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Ali, Muhammad

  1. An African-American boxer of the twentieth century, who was world champion in the heavyweight class for several years between 1964 and 1979. He was known in his boxing career for his flamboyant personality and aggressive self-promotion, as well as for his superior boxing ability and style. His boxing strategy, he said, was to “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.” A Black Muslim , Ali was originally named Cassius Clay. After he refused for reasons of conscience to serve in the armed forces in the 1960s, several boxing associations revoked his title as world champion, but he regained it later. During his boxing career he was extremely popular in Africa , and after his retirement he traveled there as a goodwill ambassador.

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Example Sentences

Over the past week, Sony Pictures Entertainment has received more body blows than Muhammad Ali during the Rumble in the Jungle.

Gil turned and saw Muhammad Ali stride out of the stage entrance, smiling and scowling at the same time.

The impact Jackson made, in that regard, was like that which Muhammad Ali would make on a cheap, screen door with his fists.

That explains Brando, Duke Ellington, Greta Garbo, Muhammad Ali and of course James Dean.

Together they went around the world with Muhammad Ali, to Zaire, Manila, Kuala Lumpur.





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