/ mjuːlz /


  1. tr to perform the Mules operation on (a sheep)

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Example Sentences

And “money mules” have been apprehended carrying large sums of cash for delivery to separatist leaders.

Three other mules from the Crimean city of Sevastopol were detained at a road checkpoint with $400,000 in cash on them.

The last to take the runway was a shimmering gold, high-low gown with two elbow length cuffs, a thick choker, and heeled mules.

Each slave then attend to the respective chores given—feeding the mules, cutting wood, etc.

Loose hem-lines, closed-toe Manolo Blahnik mules, and tight black headbands.

On the state-coach went, down the steep, driving the mules madly before it.

Martini prepared a couple of stout mules, and concealed them amongst the thickets on the opposite side of the fosse.

Stray goats and mules gazed expectantly up and down the track.

The carriages are half-covered ones, with seats for two, and are drawn by a pair of mules, on one of which the driver rides.

I will take care to reduce the weight if possible, so as to be carried on the backs of mules.


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