or rôle

  1. a part or character played by an actor or actress.
  2. proper or customary function: the teacher's role in society.
  3. Sociology. the rights, obligations, and expected behavior patterns associated with a particular social status.

Origin of role

1600–10; < French rôle roll (as of paper) containing the actor's part
Related formsmul·ti·role, adjective
Can be confusedrole roll

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British Dictionary definitions for multirole


  1. having a number of roles, functions, etc



  1. a part or character in a play, film, etc, to be played by an actor or actress
  2. psychol the part played by a person in a particular social setting, influenced by his expectation of what is appropriate
  3. usual or customary functionwhat is his role in the organization?

Word Origin for role

C17: from French rôle roll, an actor's script
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Word Origin and History for multirole



"part or character one takes," c.1600, from French rôle "part played by a person in life," literally "roll (of paper) on which an actor's part is written," from Old French rolle (see roll (n.)). Meaning "function performed characteristically by someone" is from 1875. In the social psychology sense from 1913. Role model first attested 1957.

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multirole in Medicine


  1. The characteristic and expected social behavior of an individual.
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