/ (ˈmʌntə) /

  1. slang an unattractive person

Origin of munter

C20: of unknown origin

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How to use munter in a sentence

  • Until this knotty question is satisfactorily solved, they forbear pronouncing the last munter or prayer.

    The Hindoos as they Are | Shib Chunder Bose
  • Never before was Assessor munter so cheerful, so comically cross with all mankind.

    The Home | Fredrika Bremer
  • munter tore off his coat, and opened a vein at the very moment in which he lost all consciousness.

    The Home | Fredrika Bremer
  • I have spoken with munter on the subject; he has prescribed for me, and does not think it of much consequence.

    The Home | Fredrika Bremer
  • Jeremias munter had placed himself in a corner, and was quiet, and seemed depressed.

    The Home | Fredrika Bremer