or munt·jak

[ muhnt-jak ]
/ ˈmʌnt dʒæk /


any of various small deer of the genus Muntiacus, of southern and eastern Asia and the adjacent islands, especially M. muntjac, of Java, India, etc., having well-developed horns on bony pedicels.
any of the small deer of the related genus Elaphodus, of China and Tibet, having minute horns.

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Origin of muntjac

1790–1800; (< D) < Sundanese mənyčək a kind of chevrotain; reason for subsequent application to this deer uncertain
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/ (ˈmʌntˌdʒæk) /


any small Asian deer of the genus Muntiacus, typically having a chestnut-brown coat, small antlers, and a barklike cryAlso called: barking deer

Word Origin for muntjac

C18: probably changed from Javanese mindjangan deer
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