1. having overdeveloped and inelastic muscles
  2. lacking flexibility

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Example Sentences

His hairline was receding, but he was visibly muscle-bound even in a suit.

Batman is then drawn back to Gotham to do battle with the muscle-bound menace Bane, played by Tom Hardy.

Hot, scantily clad girl with perpetually dewy skin plus a muscle-bound, invincible, heat-packing man?

And so for the opening round of political punditry, we turned to the muscle-bound grapplers themselves.

I thought I was a muscle-bound iron puddler, but they pronounced me an intellectual giant.

For athletics they had their turn vereins in which men went through hard, laborious exercises which made them muscle-bound.

A heavy-set man, with the muscle-bound shoulders of an ape, was lighting a fire in the stove.

I made a clumsy climb of about five hundred feet, my muscles being "muscle-bound" all the time with rigidity from electricity.

Most writers at the start are mentally muscle-bound, and poorly coordinated.