[ muhs-kuh-luhnj ]
/ 藞m蕦s k蓹藢l蕦nd蕭 /
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noun, plural mus路kel路lung路es, (especially collectively) mus路kel路lunge.
a large game fish, Esox masquinongy, of the pike family, found in the lakes and rivers of eastern and middle western North America.
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Origin of muskellunge

1780鈥90, Americanism; earlier muskinunge, masquenongez (French spelling), etc., <Canadian French maskinong茅<Ojibwa ma路skino路艥e路, ma路艥kino路艥e路 (equivalent to Proto-Algonquian *mya路艥i similar to, kind of + *kenwe艥ye路wa northern pike)
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How to use muskellunge in a sentence

  • In an hour Ethan returned to the shore with a large muskellunge and half a dozen large lake trout.

    Hope and Have|Oliver Optic
  • Once a twenty pound muskellunge had been caught, and bass were plentiful.

    A Son of the City|Herman Gastrell Seely

British Dictionary definitions for muskellunge


maskalonge (藞m忙sk蓹藢l蓲nd蕭) or maskanonge (藞m忙sk蓹藢n蓲nd蕭)

/ (藞m蕦sk蓹藢l蕦nd蕭) /

noun plural -lunges, -longes, -nonges, -lunge, -longe or -nonge
a large North American freshwater game fish, Esox masquinongy: family Esocidae (pikes, etc)Often (informal) shortened to: musky, muskie

Word Origin for muskellunge

C18: maskinunga, of Algonquian origin; compare Ojibwa mashkinonge big pike
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