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[ muhs-ter ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to assemble (troops, a ship's crew, etc.), as for battle, display, inspection, orders, or discharge.

    Synonyms: congregate, convene, convoke

    Antonyms: separate, scatter

  2. to gather, summon, rouse (often followed by up ):

    He mustered all his courage.

verb (used without object)

  1. to assemble for inspection, service, etc., as troops or forces.
  2. to come together; collect; assemble; gather.

    Synonyms: congregate, convene

    Antonyms: separate, scatter


  1. an assembling of troops or persons for formal inspection or other purposes.

    Synonyms: convention, assembly, gathering

  2. an assemblage or collection.
  3. the act of mustering.
  4. Also called muster roll. (formerly) a list of the persons enrolled in a military or naval unit.

verb phrase

  1. to enlist into service in the armed forces.
  2. to discharge from service in the armed forces:

    He will be mustered out of the army in only two more months.


/ ˈmʌstə /


  1. to call together (numbers of men) for duty, inspection, etc, or (of men) to assemble in this way
    1. to enlist into military service
    2. to discharge from military service
  2. tr to round up (livestock)
  3. trsometimes foll byup to summon or gather

    to muster up courage

    to muster one's arguments


  1. an assembly of military personnel for duty, inspection, etc
  2. a collection, assembly, or gathering
  3. the rounding up of livestock
  4. a flock of peacocks
  5. pass muster
    to be acceptable
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Other Words From

  • pre·muster verb (used with object)
  • un·mustered adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of muster1

1250–1300; Middle English mostren (v.) < Old French mostrer < Latin mōnstrāre to show, derivative of mōnstrum unnatural event; monster
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Word History and Origins

Origin of muster1

C14: from old French moustrer, from Latin monstrāre to show, from monstrum portent, omen
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Idioms and Phrases

  1. pass muster,
    1. to pass a cursory inspection.
    2. to measure up to a certain standard; be adequate:

      Your grades don't pass muster.

More idioms and phrases containing muster

In addition to the idiom beginning with muster , also see pass muster .
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Synonym Study

See gather.
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Example Sentences

We were going to go for everything we could to protect the city, and it passed muster with everybody up the way.

From Time

When the government conditions the grant of a benefit such as a permit, license, or registration on allowing access for reasonable health and safety inspections,’ it should not be difficult for such intrusions to pass constitutional muster, he wrote.

To be clear, this isn’t law yet, and if the failure of another elections bill this week in the narrowly GOP-controlled state Senate is any indication, it isn’t a cinch to pass muster.

If a script doesn’t pass muster on the mental health front, McCarthy says he will ask executives not to buy it.

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors has spent years and millions of dollars trying to get a Climate Action Plan that passes legal muster.

If it passed muster with an adjudicator, it would be put on at the local playhouse.

Unfortunately, the best response we can muster might be much harder than a band-aid or hidden camera.

Rising to retrieve it, I offer her what meager reassurance I can muster.

But two years after that, UFW walked away from its negotiations with Gerawan, unable to muster adequate worker support.

Yet, relative to the massive amount of attention, shock, and criticism, I can only muster a shrug and a plea to chill out.

These problems will exercise all the ingenuity and strength that Lombard Street can muster.

He could hit upon no plan, and he couldn't muster confidence to turn in.

Bruno was then introduced to each of the scouts, and they seemed to pass muster, for to each one he offered his paw.

Well, though they do muster strong, we may make Edward's party skip for all that; if we have but justice on our side.

With these words she gave Oliver her purse, and he started off without more delay at the greatest speed he could muster.


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