[ myoot-n-ee ]
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noun,plural mu·ti·nies.
  1. revolt or rebellion against constituted authority, especially by sailors against their officers.

  2. rebellion against any authority.

verb (used without object),mu·ti·nied, mu·ti·ny·ing.
  1. to commit the offense of mutiny; revolt against authority.

Origin of mutiny

1560–70; obsolete mutine to mutiny (<Middle French mutiner, derivative of mutin mutiny; see mutineer) + -y3

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  • pre·mu·ti·ny, noun, plural pre·mu·ti·nies; verb (used with object), pre·mu·ti·nied, pre·mu·ti·ny·ing.

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/ (ˈmjuːtɪnɪ) /

nounplural -nies
  1. open rebellion against constituted authority, esp by seamen or soldiers against their officers

verb-nies, -nying or -nied
  1. (intr) to engage in mutiny

Origin of mutiny

C16: from obsolete mutine, from Old French mutin rebellious, from meute mutiny, ultimately from Latin movēre to move

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