[ mee-rawn; English mahy-ron ]

nounGreek Church.

Origin of myron

From the Greek word mýron unguent, perfume

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[ mahy-ruhn ]

  1. flourished c450 b.c., Greek sculptor.

  2. a male given name: from a Greek word meaning “pleasant.” Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2024

How to use myron in a sentence

  • It seemed best to myron to humor this inexplicable mood, until he could persuade her back into a normal one.

    Country Neighbors | Alice Brown
  • She spoke as something within myron remembered the school-teacher speaking, when she called him to the board.

    Country Neighbors | Alice Brown
  • myron Dill could have wept from the surprise of it all, the assault upon his wondering nerves.

    Country Neighbors | Alice Brown
  • myron felt himself yielding again, and clutched at confidence as the spent swimmer reaches for a plank.

    Country Neighbors | Alice Brown
  • His son myron enjoyed this felicity all the days of his life.

    Captains of Industry | James Parton

British Dictionary definitions for Myron


/ (ˈmaɪərən) /

  1. 5th century bc, Greek sculptor. He worked mainly in bronze and introduced a greater variety of pose into Greek sculpture, as in his Discobolus

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