[ mi-thol-uh-jahyz ]
/ mɪˈθɒl əˌdʒaɪz /

verb (used without object), my·thol·o·gized, my·thol·o·giz·ing.

to classify, explain, or write about myths.
to construct or narrate myths.

verb (used with object), my·thol·o·gized, my·thol·o·giz·ing.

to make into or explain as a myth; make mythical.
Also especially British, my·thol·o·gise.

Origin of mythologize

1595–1605; mytholog(y) + -ize; compare French mythologiser

OTHER WORDS FROM mythologize

my·thol·o·gi·za·tion, nounmy·thol·o·giz·er, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for mythologize

  • He began to mythologize about it on account of the grand elements of welfare, risk, and skill which were in it.

    Folkways|William Graham Sumner
  • They always reveal the invincible tendency of the masses to mythologize.

    Folkways|William Graham Sumner
  • No progress of science can wholly eradicate this tendency to mythologize.

  • If, since we are discussing a metaphysical issue,431 we must mythologize, we might call it the "will to self-expression."

    Creative Intelligence|John Dewey, Addison W. Moore, Harold Chapman Brown, George H. Mead, Boyd H. Bode, Henry Waldgrave, Stuart James, Hayden Tufts, Horace M. Kallen

British Dictionary definitions for mythologize



/ (mɪˈθɒləˌdʒaɪz) /


to tell, study, or explain (myths)
(intr) to create or make up myths
(tr) to convert into a myth

Derived forms of mythologize

mythologization or mythologisation, nounmythologer, mythologizer or mythologiser, noun
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