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[ mik-soh-mahy-seet, -mahy-seet ]
/ ˌmɪk soʊˈmaɪ sit, -maɪˈsit /


an organism of the phylum Myxomycota (or, in some classifications, the class Myxomycetes), comprising the slime molds.

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Origin of myxomycete

1875–80; < New Latin Myxomycetes; see myxo-, -mycete Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for myxomycete

  • No myxomycete has hyph, nor indeed anything at all of the kind.

    The North American Slime-Moulds|Thomas H. (Thomas Huston) MacBride
  • This peculiar species looks at first very little like a myxomycete.

    The North American Slime-Moulds|Thomas H. (Thomas Huston) MacBride
  • He does not regard them as genuine asci, but as corresponding more to the peridium of the Gasteromycete and Myxomycete.

British Dictionary definitions for myxomycete


/ (ˌmɪksəʊmaɪˈsiːt) /


a slime mould, esp a slime mould of the phylum Myxomycota (division Myxomycetes in traditional classifications)
Derived Formsmyxomycetous, adjective
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Science definitions for myxomycete


[ mĭk′sō-mīsēt ]

A plasmodial slime mold. See under slime mold.
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