noun Islam.

a prayer, charitable act, etc., that goes beyond the requirements of one's religion.

Also Na·fi·la, Na·fi·lah [nah-fuh-luh] /ˈnɑ fə lə/.

Origin of Nafl

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Historical Examples of nafl

  • All other kinds of fasts are nafl, a term already explained (p. 199).

  • A Namz of some nafl rak'ats is said and sometimes a Du' is added.

  • Nafl are voluntary prayers the performance of which is considered mustahab, or meritorious, but they are not of divine obligation.

  • He may omit the sunnat and nafl rak'ats if he chooses; but the three witr rak'ats he must recite at the Salt-ul-'Ish.

  • According to Bukhr, a woman may not make a nafl fast without the consent of her husband.