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[ nag-ing ]


  1. continually faultfinding, complaining, or petulant:

    a nagging parent.

  2. persistently recurring; unrelenting:

    a nagging backache.

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Other Words From

  • nagging·ness noun
  • un·nagging adjective
  • un·nagging·ly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of nagging1

First recorded in 1830–40; nag 1 + -ing 2
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Example Sentences

Mesler started writing, he got stagnating professional and personal projects off the ground, and it helped him diagnose and fix nagging issues with his feet and knees that held him back.

Well, nothing aside from constant and nagging while Scherzer lifted the Nationals past the Cardinals.

He’s on track for his highest career rating in FiveThirtyEight’s total RAPTOR metric, and though he’s dealing with another nagging injury, he’s already accumulated more RAPTOR wins above replacement than in any of his previous seasons.

The nagging feeling persists, even and maybe even especially on Zoom.

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Then there is the nagging, ingrained expectation that, even in a supportive heterosexual partnership, the person who is supposed to sacrifice their career to take care of the children is the woman.

From Vox

It's the equivalent of having a nagging teacher or parent telling you to "sit up!"

Maybe women should just leave comedy to the menfolk, and stick to nagging!

The only interesting thing about this video is the nagging question of WTF Avril Lavigne is talking about.

Kaku has little taste for unorthodox views or nagging objections, as they muddy his vision of tomorrowland.

The baseball player admitted to using banned products to facilitate his rehabilitation from a “nagging injury.”

Could the people of the Clinch and Holston have felt the same confidence, they would have spared themselves much nagging.

Nagging never cured anything except a tendency toward virtue, and it always deepens neurasthenia.

I'm not doing nothing wrong, and I'm half froze to death, and yet they keep a-nagging at me.

"She has spent the entire summer nagging at me," Eleanor concluded.

Mike prowled around the Power Section that afternoon with a worry nagging at the back of his mind.