nail up

  1. (tr, adverb) to shut in or fasten tightly with or as if with nails

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How to use nail up in a sentence

  • Waal, we're ergwine ter nail up thet door ternight an' quit this-hyar place.

    The Code of the Mountains | Charles Neville Buck
  • Sometimes we has ter nail up loose planks inside thet runway, an' when we does a feller lets hisself down on thet rope.

    A Pagan of the Hills | Charles Neville Buck
  • The foot in its movement forward tilts the nail up, and almost simultaneously puts weight upon it.

    Diseases of the Horse's Foot | Harry Caulton Reeks
  • Scores of the hovels in which the workers live they are compelled to nail up sacks to keep the wind and water out.

  • Then we could nail up that pantry door, put the hatch into place, and keep them at our mercy.

    At the Fall of Port Arthur | Edward Stratemeyer