nail set

  1. a short rod of steel used to drive a nail below or flush with a surface.

Origin of nail set

First recorded in 1895–1900
  • Also called nail punch .

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How to use nail set in a sentence

  • Nails are usually "set," that is, the heads are driven with a nail-set below the surface.

  • All brad holes, wherever placed, should be set with a nail set and the hole filled with hard beeswax.

    Toy Craft | Leon H. Baxter
  • Purchase a common carpenter's nail set, with the head not too large.

  • It can be fastened with fine nails (see Nailing and Nail-set).

    Woodworking for Beginners | Charles Gardner Wheeler
  • If stamping is desired, make rows of small circles, regular or irregular, by using the nail set and a wood mallet.

British Dictionary definitions for nail set

nail set

  1. a punch for driving the head of a nail below or flush with the surrounding surface

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