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[nahyer, nahy-er]
noun, plural Nair, Nairs.
  1. a group of Hindu castes in the Kerala region of India.
  2. a member of any one of these castes.
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  1. of or relating to this group of castes or their members.
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Also Nayer.

Origin of Nair

1580–85; < Portuguese naire < Malayalam nāyar members of ruling caste < Sanskrit nāya to lead
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Historical Examples of nair

  • Nair women in Malabar seclude themselves for three days at menstruation and prepare their food in separate pots and pans.

    Balder The Beautiful, Vol. I.

    Sir James George Frazer

  • Just as he was about to set off a large boat came to the ship, bringing an officer of the King, called a Nair.

    Notable Voyagers

    W.H.G. Kingston and Henry Frith

  • According to Nair, and even general Hindu mythology, there are certain objects which possess an inherent inauspicious character.

  • We ain' have nair' pusson ter do no huntin' fer us sence yo' daddy died.'

  • The dwellings of the Nair and Teer people are pretty to look at, as they all have a small piece of ground that is well cultivated.