[ ney-suhns ]
/ ˈneɪ səns /
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a birth, an origination, or a growth, as that of a person, an organization, an idea, or a movement.
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Origin of naissance

1480–90; <French, Middle French, equivalent to nais- (stem of naître to be born <Vulgar Latin *nāscere, for Latin nāscī) + -ance-ance
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What is naissance?

A naissance is the beginning or birth of a person or idea, as in The naissance of our company came from the founder’s desire to work from home.

Naissance is usually used to describe the beginning of something that is or is expected to be very important, large, or impressive.

Naissance is also sometimes used to describe the birth of a person, because naissance is also the French term for birth.

Example: We are in the naissance of online trading right now, but one day it will be huge.

Where does naissance come from?

The first records of the term naissance come from around the 1480s. It ultimately comes from the Latin naïtre, meaning “to be born.”

Naissance is related to the more common renaissance, meaning “rebirth” or “revival.” Renaissance is used to describe the time from the 1300s through 1600s when much of Europe was rediscovering ancient Greek and Roman cultures, especially their arts and knowledge. The period was essentially a second naissance for those ancient cultures, often referred to as the classical period. If something is said to have a renaissance, at one point it had to have a naissance.

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How is naissance used in real life?

Naissance is often used in formal discussions or in literature, as in casual settings the terms birth or beginning would carry the same meaning.




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Naissance is used to talk about the ending of things.

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