Nam Tso

/ (ˈnɑːm ˈtsɔː) /

  1. a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for Nam Co

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How to use Nam Tso in a sentence

  • He gave me also much valuable information about the country round Nam-tso or Tengri-nor, where he was born.

  • He gave us many interesting details of the Teri-nam-tso and Mendong-gompa, which were afterwards found to be perfectly correct.

  • And besides, on comparing the lands east and west of the Teri-nam-tso, I considered the latter far better worth visiting.

  • Nima Tashi had no authority to lead you even to the Teri-nam-tso; it was on the Buptsang-tsangpo you were to meet the caravan.

  • The nomads on the shore, however, said Tiri- or Teri-nam-tso.