[ nam-i-kuhsh, nam-ey- ]

noun,plural nam·ay·cush·es, (especially collectively) nam·ay·cush.
  1. a lake trout.

Origin of namaycush

1735–45; <Cree name·kos< Proto-Algonquian *name·kwehsa

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How to use namaycush in a sentence

  • During the morning I dropped a troll and landed the first namaycush of the trip—­a seven-pound fish.

    The Long Labrador Trail | Dillon Wallace
  • “We might catch some whitefish and namaycush,” suggested Andy.

    Grit A-Plenty | Dillon Wallace
  • “You was lonesome enough up at the namaycush Lake tilt,” Andy retorted.

    Grit A-Plenty | Dillon Wallace
  • Of course Andy was proud, though he did not claim all the credit of catching the big namaycush.

    Grit A-Plenty | Dillon Wallace
  • The site of the nest (southeast corner of the lake) was near the area supporting the most lake trout (Cristivomer namaycush).