or nar·gi·le, nar·gi·leh

[ nahr-guh-lee, -ley ]
/ ˈnɑr gə li, -ˌleɪ /


a Middle Eastern tobacco pipe in which the smoke is drawn through water before reaching the lips; hookah.

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Origin of narghile

1830–40; < Turkish nargile < Persian nārgīleh, derivative of nārgīl coconut, from which the bowl was formerly made Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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nargile or nargileh

/ (ˈnɑːɡɪlɪ, -ˌleɪ) /


another name for hookah

Word Origin for narghile

C19: from French narguilé, from Persian nārgīleh a pipe having a bowl made of coconut shell, from nārgīl coconut
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Word Origin and History for narghile



"oriental water pipe for smoking," 1839, from French narghileh, from Persian nargileh, from nargil "cocoa-nut," of which the bowl was originally made. The Persian word is probably from Sanskrit narikerah, which may be from a Dravidian source.

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