/ (ˈneɪsmɪθ) /

  1. James. 1808–90, British engineer; inventor of the steam hammer (1839)

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How to use Nasmyth in a sentence

  • Another man of science, James Nasmyth, the inventor of the steam-hammer, had a similar happy experience.

  • "You're only fit for the grocery," said Gordon-Nasmyth scornfully, sitting down and helping himself to one of my uncle's cigars.

    Tono Bungay | H. G. Wells
  • I made some commercial inquiries, and there seemed even then much truth in Gordon-Nasmyth's estimate of the value of the stuff.

    Tono Bungay | H. G. Wells
  • I am inclined to think Gordon-Nasmyth imagined we would give him a cheque for six thousand pounds on the strength of his talk.

    Tono Bungay | H. G. Wells
  • This added to the piratical flavour that insufficient funds and Gordon-Nasmyth's original genius had already given the enterprise.

    Tono Bungay | H. G. Wells