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National Assembly


  1. French history the body constituted by the French Third Estate in June 1789 after the calling of the Estates General. It was dissolved in Sept 1791 to be replaced by the new Legislative Assembly

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Example Sentences

His son, Yaqoob Bizenjo, served as a member of the National Assembly until 2013.

In the National Assembly, legislators from left and right generally talk above, instead of with, each other.

A low profile legislator from the state of Bolivar, he was never a leading voice in the National Assembly.

Since February, when the National Assembly approved the article of marriage reform, this has been a heated issue.

The Venezuelan-born economist once ran economic research at the Chávista-dominated National Assembly.

Opening of the national assembly of France, after the abdication of Louis Philippe.

They constituted themselves into a legislative body, and took the name of national assembly.

The states general of France formed themselves into the national assembly.

The national assembly was divided into desperate factions, which often turned their arms against one another.

We call ourselves the royal army, seeing that the National Assembly of France refuse to do anything for us.





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