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national park


  1. an area of scenic beauty, historical importance, or the like, owned and maintained by a national government for the use of the people.

National Park



  1. a mountainous volcanic region in New Zealand, in the central North Island: ski resort

national park



  1. an area of countryside for public use designated by a national government as being of notable scenic, environmental, or historical importance

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Word History and Origins

Origin of national park1

An Americanism dating back to 1865–70

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Example Sentences

The New York Times reported that the singer — whom Yun noted was “cooperative throughout the process” — will face federal charges because the arrest took place in Gateway National Recreation Area, a national park.

Summer road trips to national parks feel like an American rite of passage.

Having an office here, Cook tells me, “is like working in a national park.”

Unlike many national parks, a visit to Acadia can easily stand in for a visit to the state itself.

In “The Whispering Land,” Durrell starts in Buenos Aires, swoops south to Patagonia and then boomerangs back north to Calilegua, now a national park.

After 50 years, members of the Huna Tlingit people can finally collect harvest sea gull eggs again in Glacier National Park.

But how could the most famous animal of our most beloved national park simply wink out?

Peacock served as an expert witness on grizzlies in federal court for Glacier National Park.

De Merode was ordered to evacuate the national park he served at the time.

Yellowstone Park, the first national park, was then a dozen years old.

In 1935, the first national park in Virginia and the second national park east of the Mississippi River was established.

Remember to tell your friends about your friendly national park.

Although this Glacier National Park is only five years old, the game animals within it have already become very tame.

At any rate, the later years and the burial-place of the first discoverer of the Yellowstone National Park are unknown.

The landscape of the entire Yosemite National Park is preëminently glacial.


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