National Party


  1. (in New Zealand) the more conservative of the two main political parties
  2. (in Australia) a political party drawing its main support from rural areas Former nameNational Country Party
  3. (in South Africa) a political party composed mainly of centre-to-right-wing Afrikaners, which ruled from 1948 until the country's first multiracial elections in 1994: renamed the New National Party (NNP) in 1999 See also Progressive Federal Party United Party

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Example Sentences

On virtually every important issue, they will run against their national party.

By 1964 had Rockefeller moved to the left of the national party and to the left of New York Republicans?

But the Scottish National Party (SNP) has no plan to raise taxes.

If anything, it worked in favor of the National party gaining some more seats.

He was comprehensively out-foxed by Salmond, the Scottish National Party leader, who now finds himself in a win-win position.

The union of the national party, which had lasted to some extent from the American war, was now broken up.

The national party, with Garibaldi at its head, still aimed at the possession of Rome, as the historic capital of the peninsula.

From 1875 to 1889 neither national party was able to control both houses of Congress.

There was not in the other Southern Slav lands much consolation for the National party.

He at once altered the electoral laws, so that the National party came back with only fourteen deputies.





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