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national service


  1. compulsory military service
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Example Sentences

It's the less tangible potential of national service that really counts.

But if we hope to make national service a national priority, we need more voices to speak even louder.

Change is coming, and it will have to account for the nature of national service, however that is defined.

Three of them do national service together in Kiryat Arba, a settlement nestled right next to the ancient city of Hebron.

As far as I know, he would have loved to do national service in lieu of military service.

We are going through it in our own country just now, with regard to National Service, for one thing.

Wherever a national service has been done, Mr. Gladstone's eulogy always has been ready.

Has the call for National Service not reached your ears yet?

As regards any national service the federal libraries should be one library.

It means a form of National Service that is just as vital to the general welfare as physical training for actual conflict.





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