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naval academy


  1. a collegiate institution for training naval officers.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of naval academy1

An Americanism dating back to 1805–15
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Example Sentences

Author of numerous books of American naval history, Symonds spent almost 30 years as a professor of history at the Naval Academy.

He was cleared to resume playing just as he proceeded from high school to the Naval Academy.

Caisse was not the first member of the Naval Academy class of 1985 to run afoul of the law.

SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN ARIZONA John McCain entered the Naval Academy in June of 1954.

“Like many people who came to the naval academy, I entered gate one with big goals and expectations,” her statement read.

Max had a most pleasant surprise when the mail was distributed on that first morning after his arrival at the Naval Academy.

The admiral's jokes harked back to old times, when he and Kelton were at the Naval Academy, or to their adventures in the war.

Old as it is, it is still used by the army; the native military school and the naval academy both being within its walls.

Though several have been sent to the Naval Academy, none have "gone through."

The lower grades were filled by boyish officers from the Naval Academy, who had never seen a gun fired in anger.





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