[ nuh-zim-uh-vuh; Russian nuh-zyee-muh-vuh ]
/ nəˈzɪm ə və; Russian nʌˈzyi mə və /


Al·la [ah-luh] /ˈɑ lə/,1879–1945, Russian actress in the U.S.



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Example sentences from the Web for nazimova

  • Hattie Williams, in her odd manner, imitated Nazimova—as Nazimova would play a butler.

    Charles Frohman: Manager and Man|Isaac Frederick Marcosson and Daniel Frohman
  • I took her to see Nazimova to-night, and she sat star-eyed and hardly breathing.

    Jane Journeys On|Ruth Comfort Mitchell
  • For this reason, and for this reason only, do modern actors like Mme. Nazimova complain of plays in verse.

    The Theory of the Theatre|Clayton Hamilton
  • Miss Hobson was not to be diverted from her theme by reminiscences of Nazimova.

    The Adventures of Sally|P. G. Wodehouse