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Symbol, Chemistry.
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Stock Exchange. (especially of bonds) next day (delivery).Also NDD
North Dakota (approved especially for use with zip code).

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no date.
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What else does ND mean?

Nd is a typo or short form of and, common in digital communication.

ND can also stand for neuro-divergent or Notre Dame.

How is ND pronounced?

[ en-dee ]

Where does ND come from?

Nd originates as a misspelling or shortening of the word and. It was entered on Urban Dictionary in 2003, though certainly texters and typists had already long been using it.

Since then, it’s become a somewhat common practice on social media like Twitter or Twitch, the game streaming platform, to use nd for and either to save space or as a typo due to fast typing.

ND is also an occasional abbreviation for neuro-divergent, a term in use since at least the late 1990s for people who aren’t neurotypical, or someone with so-called normal neurological behavior and development. A neuro-divergent person may include a person with autism, for instance, or schizophrenia.

The University of Notre Dame in Indiana, founded in 1842, is frequently shortened to ND, as seen in their school logo and Twitter handle of its popular football team, @NDFootball.

How is ND used in real life?

Expect to see nd for and in texts and on social media. As noted, sometimes it’s a typo, other times a time-saver.

ND for neuro-divergent is used in the mental health community, especially by people who identify as neurodiverse in some way.

ND for Notre Dame is quite common among the university’s many sports fans, too.


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abbreviation for
no date

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the chemical symbol for

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N.D. or N. Dak.

abbreviation for
North Dakota
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The symbol for the elementneodymium
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The symbol for neodymium.
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