/ ˈnɛsɪsərɪz /

plural noun

  1. sometimes singular what is needed; essential items

    the necessaries of life

  2. law food, clothing, etc, essential for the maintenance of a dependant in the condition of life to which he or she is accustomed
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Example Sentences

To obtain the necessaries of life they endure cold and hunger in an extraordinary manner.

Now here is a lady, well educated and delicately nurtured, who is destitute of the common necessaries of life.

A night-light burnt on the table, where cups and bottles were ranged, a spirit-lamp and kettle, and other necessaries.

All household necessaries are supplied, and visitors need only bring rugs, towels, and provisions.

The officers did not carry many necessaries, and the average weight of their luggage was not more than 50lb.