[ nekt ]
/ nɛkt /


having a neck of a kind specified (usually used in combination): a square-necked blouse.

Origin of necked

1350–1400; Middle English. See neck, -ed3

Definition for necked (2 of 2)

[ nek ]
/ nɛk /


verb (used without object)

Informal. (of two persons) to embrace, kiss, and caress one another amorously.

verb (used with object)

Informal. to embrace, kiss, and caress (someone) amorously.
to strangle or behead.

Origin of neck

before 900; Middle English nekke, Old English hnecca, cognate with Dutch nek nape of neck; akin to German Nacken, Old Norse hnakki nape of neck


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Examples from the Web for necked

  • The most common species of these "necked barnacles" bears the name of "Lepas anatifera," "the duck-bearing Lepas."

  • By gracious, you'd think I was necked up with a whole bunch uh George Washingtons!

    The Happy Family|Bertha Muzzy Bower
  • I smiled at Sid and went on tiptoes and necked out my head and kissed him on a powdery cheek just above an aromatic mustache.

    No Great Magic|Fritz Reuter Leiber
  • A quaint, sleepy mill no doubt it was—necked with moss and ivy—and the gaze of Shakespeare assuredly dwelt on it with pleasure.

    Shakespeare's England|William Winter

British Dictionary definitions for necked

/ (nɛk) /



(intr) informal to kiss, embrace, or fondle someone or one another passionately
(tr) British informal to swallow (something, esp a drink)he's been necking pints all night

Derived forms of neck

necker, noun

Word Origin for neck

Old English hnecca; related to Old High German hnack, Old Irish cnocc hill
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Medical definitions for necked

[ nĕk ]


The part of the body joining the head to the shoulders or trunk.
A narrow or constricted part of a structure, as of a bone or organ, that joins its parts; a cervix.
The part of a tooth between the crown and the root.
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