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[ need-lz ]


  1. a town in SE California: on Colorado River at Arizona line.

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Example Sentences

The first season of Drag Race that Annecy watched in full was Season 4—Sharon Needles’ season.

Needles also pose a risk to the providers administering them and require safe disposals.

From Quartz

There were pictures of me crying, pictures of my hair falling out, pictures of me injecting myself with needles.

Today all of “these girls are living their lives in dignity, using needles and sewing machines,” said Sister Rosemary.

The majority of the early cases were traced back to unsanitary needles.

Inside the hospital, he was injected with malaria medication using unsterilized needles.

Needles to say, no other high-income country behaves like this with deadly weapons.

Sometimes dumb-bells, compact sheaves of fine needles, and irregular rhizome forms are seen (Fig. 40).

May it please your Transparent Highness, I've found out how the needles get into the haystacks.

While she flitted into the next room to fetch a stamp, Mrs. Haughstone, her needles arrested in mid-air, looked steadily at Tom.

He saw the tips of the fir trees shimmer, and heard them whisper as the breeze turned their needles towards the light.

Mrs. Ducksmith shot a timid glance at him and the knitting needles clicked together nervously.