[ ni-goh-shee-ey-shuh n, -see- ]
/ nɪˌgoʊ ʃiˈeɪ ʃən, -si- /


mutual discussion and arrangement of the terms of a transaction or agreement: the negotiation of a treaty.
the act or process of negotiating.
an instance or the result of negotiating.

Origin of negotiation

1570–80; < Latin negōtiātiōn- (stem of negōtiātiō) a doing of business, equivalent to negōtiāt(us) (see negotiate) + -iōn- -ion

OTHER WORDS FROM negotiation

non·ne·go·ti·a·tion, nounpre·ne·go·ti·a·tion, nounpro·ne·go·ti·a·tion, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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British Dictionary definitions for negotiation

/ (nɪˌɡəʊʃɪˈeɪʃən) /


a discussion set up or intended to produce a settlement or agreement
the act or process of negotiating
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